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How to Excel at Math and Science

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This video covers a summary of the book “how to excel at math and science.” Whether you are a high school student struggling with math and science, or a college student studying engineering, math, physics, etc and are doing well, the techniques taught are meant for you.

Becoming strong in math and science is not something that happens over night. You need to consistently be practicing and studying while using the tips talked about in the book.

Two modes of thinking to remember include focused mode and diffuse mode thinking. These are where you are focused intensely on a problem, then when you let your mind wander and are more relaxed respectively. In order to excel in subjects that especially involve creativity, you need to participate in both forms of thinking.

Some tips to help avoid procrastination include trying the Pomodoro technique, focusing on the process over the product, do the most disliked jobs first, and use mental contrasting. Remember you can’t learn math and science on a deep level in one night. It’s important you focus on learning a little everyday and don’t put off homework until the last minute because your brain won’t be able to learn absorb all the material on an optimal level.

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