How to Crack PRMO in just 21 Days with Harsh Priyam Sir

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In this Pre-RMO strategy session, Math Expert and Master Teacher at Vedantu, Harsh Sir, explains how to prepare for PRMO (Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad) 2019 which will be conducted by MTA (Mathematics Teachers’ Association (India). The PRMO (Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad) exam will be held on August 11, 2019, between 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM at different centers across India.

In this video, Harsh Sir enlightens you with Pre-RMO (Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad) 2019 preparation strategy for Maths and how to revise and solve questions from crucial Maths topics like Trigonometry, Number Theory, Algebra, Graph Theory, Geometry, Combinatorics concepts quickly and effectively. This session will mainly be around the PRMO / RMO questions based on last years Trigonometry, Number Theory, Algebra, Graph Theory as they are some of the most important topics in PRMO (Maths Olympiad) 2019 exam and RMO as well.

In today’s PRMO strategy session, Harsh Sir will talk about the PRMO crash course (22 Hours) where he will teach how to solve questions related to Trigonometry, Number Theory, Algebra, Graph Theory and share some preparation tips & tricks on how to crack PRMO (Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad) exam 2019.

Key Areas of this session:

  1. PRMO 2019 Strategy and preparation
  2. PRMO syllabus
  3. PRMO crash course: (Starts from 11th July)

Don’t delay! Enroll in the PMRO crash course now and start your Maths Olympiad preparation now. Get a thorough clarification of all the concepts that are present in PRMO (Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad) syllabus and crack PRMO (Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad) 2019 exam with full confidence.

If you want to be eligible for RMO selection, then you must qualify PRMO (Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad) whose results will be recognized by HBCSE for further selection processes of the Indian Mathematical Olympiad.

If you are studying in class 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12, then you can appear in the PRMO (Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad) 2019 exam. To score well in this 3 hours long PRMO (Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad) exam, you must have a good preparation which you can get through our special PRMO crash course. Also, don’t forget to solve past year PRMO (Pre Regional Mathematics Olympiad) papers/ questions that will make you confident to crack PRMO exam 2019 easily.

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