GED Math Lessons Part 7 – Algebra – Solving Equations, Inequalities, & Factoring

This is part 7 of the GED math lessons 7 which covers topics in algebra such as solving linear equations, graphing inequalities, absolute value, and factoring trinomials.

GED Math Part 8:

Here is a list of topics:
1. Solving Basic Equations – One Step
2. Solving Multi-step Equations With Variables and Parentheses on Both sides
3. Solving Equations With Fractions and Decimals
4. Graphing Inequalities on a Number Line
5. Solving Linear Inequalities
6. How To Solve Absolute Value Equations
7. How To Solve Absolute Value Inequalities
8. Factoring The GCF
9. Factoring Trinomials
10. Translating Sentences Into Equations – Word Problems
11. Consecutive Even / Odd Integer Word Problems


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