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Forbidden psychology and its eight taboos: a conversation about psyche, soul, and the new physics

The idea that the soul is to be reduced to mind, the mind to the brain, the brain to neurological dribbles, and all human psychological behavior ultimately to neuroscience has rarely been critically evaluated within the profession. Dr. Kroth discusses eight major taboos that fly in the face of these preconceptions: near death experiences, psychic dreams, telepathy, synchronicity, premonitions, creative possession, archetypes, and xenoglossy. These anomalies of psychology are then compared to the bizarre discoveries of the “new physics:” observer-created reality, entanglement, nonlocality, quantum teleportation, Schrodinger’s cat and the EPR paradox.

Physics confronted these mysteries head on despite the fact that experimental outcomes contradicted deterministic, reductionistic, mechanistic, Newtonian clockwork cosmology, but it handled its anomalies with openness and full disclosure.
This lecture is based on his book, Psyche’s Exile: an empirical odyssey in search of the soul.

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