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FIRST LECTURE OF TERM | How to Cambridge Ep. 3 | Cambridge University Physics Vlog

Turns out all my lecturers are hilarious! You’ll be seeing more of them in the upcoming vlogs (hopefully)!

Hi guys, welcome back to How to Cambridge. In this vlog, I went to my very first lectures of this year. Honestly, it feels kind of weird to be a Masters student at the University of Cambridge. Everything is already super intense, and the lecturers already expect a lot from us. Also, it’s only going to build in intensity from here, so this term is going to be tough for sure.

Not only do we have lectures, but we’re currently in the process of finding projects that count towards our degree. I’m personally looking for an experimental project, since theoretical physics and I don’t get along very well at all. I saw a couple that are about the ballistic properties of sand and wood, as well as about developing efficient Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs). I’ll keep you updated on which project I end up getting.

Also, I want to know a bit about you guys. Tell me in the comments below one thing that you’re really passionate about, whatever it may be – academic or otherwise. What makes you wake up excited on some mornings, and lose sleep on some nights?

All the music in my vlogs is my own original stuff, and I record it in Garageband. I film my vlogs on my Canon EOS M10 and iPhone 5S. I edit them in Shotcut and iMovie.

My Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat: @parthvlogs. check out this video I was in along with Ibz Mo, Nissy Tee, Courtney Daniella, Shirley Bekker, Senthooran Kath, and Holly Gabrielle!

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