Fi Bravery v Ti Courage

Listen to me ramble about a budding theory about fearlessness and how it differs depending on your preferred introverted judging function.

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My name is Meghan LeVota and I am an ENFJ, 2w3 sx/so, EIE-Ni, Leo sun, Aries moon, Cancer rising. I have been studying Jungian personality typology for more than 7 years.

Your personality is your mind’s filter, which reveals how you are cognitively wired. The majority of the world’s miscommunications stem from personality differences. When we become aware of our natural cognitive functions, it becomes easier to communicate and collaborate with others. Understanding personality theory is a great tool for healing both personal and interpersonal suffering.

You are unique and special. Yet, we all suffer from predictable problems. I believe that world peace starts within. I want to help you maximize your strengths and become even more the YOU that the world needs. Self-awareness brings self-understanding which leads to self-transformation, which will lead to a collective revolution.

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Synchronic Saturdays is a podcast hosted by an ENFJ and an ENFP that explores Jungian theory, cognitive functions, personality typology, and interpersonal dynamics.

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