Energy stored in a capacitor expression in electric potential and capacitance

Energy stored in a capacitor expression in electric potential and capacitance is the topic of this video lesson. We know that we shall do some work to store charge and that work done will be converted into energy and it is stored in the capacitor. It can be expressed in terms of any two of charge, potential and capacity of capacitor. The derivation from this concept electric potential and capacitance shall help us in understanding the working of a capacitor.

In these video lessons, we are learning all concepts of electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism in detail. Each of the chapter is divided into small videos each of duration of maximum of ten minutes.
The topics in physics are prepared so that a student can understand them from the basics and in detail. Each video lesson is indigenous and independent and you can understand from the scratch.
It is recommended to use earphones or headphones and listen in a calm surrounding to get the best out of it.
You can go through it multiple times to get the grasp of the physics topics and try following that is explained in each video lesson. The lessons start from the basic concept that covers board examinations too.
In a connected and organized way the topics are taken ahead. Each of the chapter is being arranged as a play list in the you tube physics channel named as IIT JEE AND NEET PHYSICS and a student is advised to learn in the NCERT text book order. Within the play list also going as per the arranged order do understand them better.
Physics for competitions examinations lke IIT-JEE,NEET,AIIMS, JIPMER do get a lot of questions from the applications of concepts and a lot of them are problems. A special emphasis is made on this point during the selection of concepts and a good number of all variety of problems were chosen to be solved for this jee and neet physics you tube channel.
Physics is a kind of subject that needs lot of attention while understanding the concepts and neet lot of patience and energy to apply the learned concepts and solving problems. There will be concepts and need to find the using the data given in the problem and words used in the question. Many times it happens like students has to have introspection to find out what went wrong in solving a problem and how can we relook at the approach in solving the problem.
A pen and paper is a must while working with physics and keep on reading theory is not going to help you in solving problems on the exam day. A lot of physics time shall be dedicated in solving problems and that will give you an idea about the upcoming examinations and this approach will help you a lot in cracking JEE and NEET Physics.
This video channel would like to a source to help the students of high school around the world and it shall help in understanding concepts and their applications of physics with ease. The world is a place where there are many who need education at a affordable and accessible and this physics channel will be contributing its bit to make the world a better place and life and learning experience of physics at corners of world better.
Soon this physics channel for competition exams is going to be complete with a minimum set of videos in each topic and the list will be keep growing as time goes ahead.

IIT-JEE and NEET Physics is is a Complete Physics Resource for preparing IIT-JEE,NEET,CBSE,ICSE and IGCSE. All Physics topics are divided into multiple sub topics and are explained in detail using concept videos and synopsis.Lots of problems in each topic are solved to understand the concepts clearly.

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