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Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright – Department of Physics

Cambridge University has produced a series of films about five of this year’s Pilkington Prize winners. These films go behind the scenes to show Cambridge teaching in action as well as inviting winners to explain their passion for teaching and reveal some of their trade secrets. The films feature Lecturer in German Thought, Martin Ruehl; Physics Lecturer Lisa Jardine-Wright; Sociologist Mónica Moreno Figueroa; Zoologist Andrew Balmford; and Design Engineer James Moultrie.

Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright – Department of Physics

Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright has made an outstanding and sustained contribution to excellent teaching in Physics and Mathematics, both within the University and beyond, for many years.

Lisa previously taught mathematics in the Natural Sciences Tripos but currently teaches undergraduate physics, for which she receives high student praise. Students commend her high quality notes, use of visual aids, and well placed interludes to keep her sessions engaging. One student wrote, in all caps, that she provides ‘THE BEST NOTES EVER!’

Lisa is also the founding co-director of the incredibly successful Isaac Physics project, which offers support and activities in physics problems solving to help with the transition from GCSE though A Level to University. It includes online study tools, videos and live-streamed tutorials. The project currently has over 10,000 subscribed users and through helping to address the skills gap students are experiencing is educating the next generation of university physicists from all over the world.

Further to this, Lisa has made many other vital contributions to Physics teaching including sitting on the Physics Teaching Committee, taking a lead role in the development of the new admissions test, acting as a Director of Studies and taking part in many outreach projects in her role as Educational Outreach Officer of the Cavendish Laboratory.

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