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The dot product is a means for taking two vectors, which have magnitude and direction, and multiplying them to get a number, or a scalar. The topic is typically taught in College Level Calculus classes, in topics such as Vector Calculus and Multivariate Calculus.

To multiply two vectors, you’ll need to actually break them down to their x, y, and z components first so that you can multiply their respective components and get your solution.

In the example that Chegg Vector Calculus tutor, Scotty G., gives us, we see that two vectors, v and u, have 3-dimensional components namely x, y, and z. When their components are multiplied and the x, y, and z multiples are summed, you get your scalar solution.

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About me: I have teaching experience on the high school and college levels. Through college, I taught as a university sponsored peer tutor, and after graduating I worked for six months as a substitute school teacher. In addition to these outlets, I’ve worked as, and currently work as, a self-promoted tutor in my community for math ranging from the high school level (Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, etc.) to the college level (Set Theory, Multivariable Calculus, Abstract Algebra, Real Analysis, etc.). Apart from mathematics, I’ve also tutored in Creative Writing and Music Theory/Composition.

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