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Derivatives of Composite Functions – Chain Rule, Product & Quotient Rule – Calculus Review

This calculus video tutorial explains how to find the derivative of composite functions using the chain rule. It also covers a few examples and practice problems on the product and quotient rule.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Product Rule – Derivative of x^2e^x and x^4 sinx
2. Derivative of Exponential and Trigonometric Functions
3. Product Rule – f(x)g(x)h(x)
4. Quotient Rule Derivative of Fractions and Rational Functions
5. Derivative of Radical Functions and The Square Root of X
6. Chain Rule – Derivative of Composite Functions h(x) = f(g(x))
7. f'(g(x))g'(x)
8. dy/dx = dy/du and du/dx
9. Chain Rule with Trigonometric Functions – sine, cosine, tangent and secant – sin, cos, tan, sec
10. Evaluating Derivatives of Composite functions using a table of data

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