STEM Lessons for College Students

Derivative Song! Calculus


Do you know derivatives baby? Quotient rule, maybe?
Here we go
We can show you how to do it, we can start real slow
Low D-high minus high D-low over low-low
Do you know derivatives baby? Quotient rule, maybe?
Here. We. Go.

If you have A over B
Multiply D-A times B
Subtract A times D-B
And put it over bottom squared, that’s B-B

What’s that? You say you’ve got a product?
No sweat just get rid of the bottom
Take the minus, and turn it to a plus
The D is interchangeable, don’t matter to us

Hey, Latrisha!
What’s up?
What if we have a constant?
Make sure it’s all alone and derive it to zero.

What if you’ve got two functions?
And you want to use subtraction?
Just derive then subtract them.
The rule is the same when the plus sign is in action

Now let’s move on to the chain rule.
Just keep track of what the inside do
Outside first, and just leave the inside,
Now move over, and derive this guy.

When you have an exponent
They’re essential components
X to the n, just bring the n out front,
Now all you have left, is n minus 1

Do you like related rates?
It can be about shapes
And how fast they’re gaining or losing their volume
Don’t it sound great?

Or maybe you like distance
Just give me North, South, East, West
The time, the speed, the distance
They’re moving with persistence

Or maybe you like rates
Of growth and decay
(Compounded Interest!) is great
Derivatives can make you rich,
Don’t throw them away!


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