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CSIR-NET Mathematics || Part-C Solutions || Linear Algebra ||

CSIR-NET Mathematics || Part-C Solutions || Linear Algebra ||
In this video I have solved questions from CSIR-NET Mathematics . Questions are from part-C.

In the first question we have given a linear transformation T from R^n to R^n which satisfies T^2=T-I then we need to find out what properties are satisfied by T. The options were 1) T is invertible 2) T^2 is invertible 3)  T has real Eigenvalues. 4) T^3=-I.

In second question we have given a real valued map from R^2xR^2 to R and a set W of vectors which are orthogonal to vector (1,0). Then options are 1) W is not a subspace 2) equals origin (0,0) 3) is the Y-axis. 4) W is a line passing through origin and (1,1). 
We wanted to check the correct options. Questions were from part-C. So there might be more than one option correct. 

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