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Creative Problem Solving #016 | Calculating work in conservative and non-conservative force field

Watch the discussion of Conservative and Non-Conservative force at

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Chapter 1 – Introduction to Physics

Chapter 3 – Kinematics:

Chapter 5 – Newton’s Laws of Motion:

Chapter 6 – Friction:

Chapter 7 – Circular Motion:

Chapter 8 – Work Power and Energy:

Chapter 9 – Centre of Mass:

Chapter 10 – Rotation:

Chapter 12 – Simple Harmonic Motion:

Chapter 13 – Fluid Mechanics:

Chapter 14 – Some mechanical properties of matter:

Chapter 15 – Wave motion and string waves:

Chapter 16 – Sound Waves:

Chapter 18 – Geometrical Optics:

Chapter 23 – Heat and Temperature:

Chapter 31 – Capacitors:

Chapter 32 – Current and Electricity:

Chapter 42 – Photoelectric Effect:

Chapter 44 – X-Rays:

Solution to other questions and more chapters are on the way.

For theories, tools and techniques of Physics click on the links below

For theories on explanation in Chemistry click on the links below

Molecular Structure:

Redox Reaction:

Mole Concept:

Gas Laws –

Atomic Structure:

Chemical Equilibrium:

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