CONDENSED LEARNING – MIT’s Linear Algebra – Lecture 1 – 48% Shorter!

A discusion of the upcoming Linear Algebra course which is available on MIT’s OpenCourseWare site (and perhaps here sometime).


The instructor of this video is Gilbert Strang

I heavily edited this OpenCourseWare product, taking out “uh’s”, stammerings, small mis-speaks by the instructor, and cut out a lot of unneeded time, long pauses between his sentences, as well as a couple things he said which are only applicable to those who take this course in person at MIT.

by doing this, I was able to condense this 7 minutes 12 seconds long lecture down to 3 minutes 46 seconds, giving you the meat of the course, in less than half the time! If you find keeping up with this lecture no problem, try speeding it up by 1.25 or 1.5 times in the Youtube player, and you can get through this in a brief 2.5 minutes!

I also increased the resolution substantially, fiddled with the hues (colours) and increased the sharpness.

The original MIT OpenCourseWear product is available at:

The original video, along with this one I edited, is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0:

Credit & Disclaimer stuff:
This MIT OpenCourseWare course material have been Edited by Steven Bee. The MIT faculty authors, MIT, or MIT OpenCourseWare have not reviewed or approved this modified version, and MIT and MIT OpenCourseWare makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the edited materials, express or implied.


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