Clip: Belief, Darwinian Vs Newtonian Truth

A clip from a full length version of The Ontological Rabbit Hole:

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Some clips have been used from copyrighted sources in
accordance with fair use. These clips are short, relevant and
being commented on throughout the entire series.

Possible future Nobel prize winner Stuart Hameroff presents
Orchestrated Objective Reduction, a theory of consciousness:
A Brief History of the Study of Consciousness,

The Genius Comedy of Bill Hicks:
Bill Hicks – Revelations (1993)

I oppose his stance, but his perspective is really interesting to
try to understand. I’ve had insights listening to Daniel Deneettt!:
Daniel Dennett Explains Consciousness and Free Will

Sylvester James Gates, theoretical physicist & scientific advisor
to Barack Obama, the legendary Neil deGrasse Tyson &
many others chatting in front of an audience:
Theoretical Physicist Finds Computer Code in String Theory

I’ve never known anyone attain such notoriety be popularising one problem, but the sharp mind of David Chalmers is compelling:
How do you explain consciousness – David Chalmers – TED

Stirring up questions about mind and consciousness, the brilliant Rupert Sheldrake:
Rupert Sheldrake, Science & Spiritual Practices
Part 1 of 2 – London Real

Music, the amazing Kai Engel:
Kai Engel – Brave New World

The wonderful & entertaining Derren Brown:
The Assassin – Derren Brown’s The Experiment

The interesting and well worth listening to, carefully:
Scott Adams and Dave Rubin:
Trump’s Persuasion and Presidency

An example of stage hypnosis by Albert Nerenberg:
“Is Hypnosis Fake?” Hypnotist stuns TEDX crowd

A great episode from the fantastic Crash Course channel:
Social Influence: Crash Course Psychology #38

A clip of one of the fantastically thought provoking Jordan B Peterson lectures:
Jordan B Peterson: You Probably Would Have Been a Nazi

Larry King Now puts on a great show with the renowned astrophysicist and science communicator, Neil deGrasse Tyson:
Mr. Science Himself, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Talks Global Warming, Death, and Elon Musk – Larry King Now

I made a mistake here, this wasn’t on Scott Adam’s own channel, I looked carefully to be sure, but still interesting and still the different and valuable perspective of Scott Adams:
Scott Adams: Fake News persuasion, how Jordan Peterson triggered 12 hallucinations in an interviewer


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