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Class 12 Maths | Lecture 105 | Chapter 6 | Integration Of Difficult Trigonometric Function

Correction sin(alpha)sin(beta)= -1/2 …

In this video you will learn:
How to integrate the trigonometric functions.

Exercise # 6.3 / 6.4
Part 7
Questions # 5(x,xii,xiv,xv) / 12

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Chapter # 1 Function and Limits :

Chapter # 2 The Straight Line :

Chapter # 3 The General Equation of Straight Line :

Chapter # 4 Differentiation

Chapter # 5 Application Of Differential Calculus:

Chapter # 6 Antiderivatives:

Chapter # 7 Circle:

Chapter # 8 Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola:

Chapter # 9 Vectors:

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