Centripetal Forces + Acceleration Made Easy! – Physics Made Easy – Boston University PY105

Take a glimpse into me and my tutor, Rebecca’s, minds in our first official Physics Made Easy video! (We have 3 unofficial ones on this channel, on Eddy Currents/Magnetic Fields.) Anyways in this video we show you guys how we would tackle a pretty tricky Centripetal Force/Acceleration problem that we modified, involving a sugar cube that is moving in a circular motion inside a cone!

Video Timeline
● 0:00-5:15 Part 1 – Which is the Centripetal Force?
● 5:15-14:45 Part 2 – What is the value of Fn/Common Mistake/Misconceptions!
● 14:45-18:15 Part 3 – What is the velocity the sugar cube is traveling at?
● 19:19-End – Bloops!

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Special shout outs to:

1). Karen Hung (Staten Island, NY – Boston University Class of 2014 – Alum)
2). Professor Chip Celenza (Boston, MA – Boston University – Biology / Genetics Professor)
3). Safiya Nur (Silver Springs, MD – Former Montgomery College/UMaryland College Park Student | Current Orgo Made Easy Tutor!)

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● Concepts covered/related: Centripetal Force | Centripetal Acceleration | Circular Motion | Newton’s Second Law | Box on Incline | Normal Force

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