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Use to listen to all kinds of station on a old antique short wave multi band radio, got some boats on the water, ship to shore signals were cool plus the fact that you could here other nations music, nice ornat 30-40s table radio looks have oval wood and the line up shortwave 1& 2 am/fm world stations shipping lanes ships/truck traffic/cb 2 private channels and BBC radio, thing was amazing, had a big high insulated wire for an antenna in a 100ft tree and a pipe to ground, could pick it up alot better than a solid state healthkit with the old tube beauty, back in the quality electronics area of soul larping under 50,000 watts of wolfman jacks and a fucky cold medina

why is it whenever I am near a cellphone I can feel pressure on my thyroid? And get headaches really bad! Just because you are not sensitive to it, or seen the evidence studies does not mean it does not do something to people! Something I found when I googled “thyroid and cellphones”

Sp the photographer saw this dog on the table, and said nothing. Also o dont knwo about you nit I dont see dogs jumping up on tables like that js.

Ugh, wish I kept track of a paper I read maybe 15 years ago. Actually makes a half decent hypothesis on how 5G could be dangerous, in terms of mechanism. It was about how rapidly changing magnetic fields could cause certain polar molecules to spin- and if they spun too fast it was impossible for them to have interactions as they would presumably bounce off. I seem to recall the caveat was that these sorts of frequency were not in conventional use at the time. Has that changed? Haven’t a clue.

Mark Steeles evidence was proven correct in his court trial. You are an absolute idiot. Nothing but shite comes out of your mouth.
ey bigmouth, here’s an idea you contact Steele and You interview him regarding 5G. Go on. Bet you won’t because you don’t know your subject. Go on, interview Mark Steele.

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