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Calculus 3 – Intro To Vectors

This calculus 3 video tutorial provides a basic introduction into vectors. It contains plenty of examples and practice problems.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Scalar quantities vs vector quantities
2. Speed vs velocity
3. Vectors as directed line segments
4. How to find the vector given the initial point and terminal point
5. How to find the find the component form of a vector
6. How to calculate the magnitude of a vector using its components
7. How to determine if two vectors are equivalent
8. Adding and subtracting vectors graphically
9. Performing vector operations
10. Position vectors and unit vectors
11. How to find the unit vector given the components of a vector
12. Standard unit vectors – i j k
13. Linear combination of standard unit vectors
14. How to find the components of a vector given its magnitude and angle
15. How to find the magnitude and angle of a vector in component form
16. How to calculate the resultant force of two vectors


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