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Calculus 2 Final Exam Review Part 1 – Indefinite Integrals, Integration, & Parametric Curves

This calculus 2 final exam review covers topics such as finding the indefinite integral using integration techniques such as integration by parts and trig substitution. It discusses how to find the arc length of a function and how to graph parametric curves.

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Here is a list of topics:
1. Integration By Parts
2. Trigonometric Integrals
3. Trigonometric Substitution
4. Integration By Partial Fractions
5. Improper Integrals
6. Approximate Integration – Finding The Work Done By a Variable Force Using The Trapezoidal Rule
7. Numerical Integration – Finding the displacement of an object given velocity and time in a data table using Simpson’s Rule
8. Arc Length of a Function
9. Surface Area of Revolution
10. Solving Differential Equations By Separation of Variables Given The Initial Condition
11. Graphing Parametric Equations By Eliminating The Parameter
12. How To Find The Tangent Line Equation of a Parametric Curve
13. Arc Length of Parametric Curves
14. Finding The Area Enclosed By Polar Curves

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