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But what is a partial differential equation? | Overview of differential equations, chapter 2

The heat equation, as an introductory PDE.
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Infinite powers, by Steven Strogatz:

Typo corrections:
– At 1:33, it should be “Black-Scholes”
– At 16:21 it should read “scratch an itch”.
If anyone asks, I purposefully leave at least one typo in each video, like a Navajo rug with a deliberate imperfection as an artistic statement about the nature of life 😉

And to continue my unabashed Strogatz fanboyism, I should also mention that his textbook on nonlinear dynamics and chaos was also a meaningful motivator to do this series, as you’ll hopefully see with the topics we build to.

Animations made using manim, a scrappy open source python library.

If you want to check it out, I feel compelled to warn you that it’s not the most well-documented tool, and has many other quirks you might expect in a library someone wrote with only their own use in mind.

Music by Vincent Rubinetti.
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If you want to contribute translated subtitles or to help review those that have already been made by others and need approval, you can click the gear icon in the video and go to subtitles/cc, then “add subtitles/cc”. I really appreciate those who do this, as it helps make the lessons accessible to more people.

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