Bulk Modulus of Elasticity and Compressibility – Fluid Mechanics – Physics Practice Problems

This physics video tutorial explains how to solve problems associated with the bulk modulus of materials. The bulk modulus is the ratio of bulk stress and bulk strain. The bulk stress is the ratio of force and area which is equivalent to the pressure exerted by a fluid. The bulk strain is the ratio of the change in volume to the original volume. Whenever you place an object in a fluid, the volume of the object decreases due to the pressure exerted by tge fluid from all sides. The amount by which the volume decreases depends on the bulk modulus of elasticity of the material. As the bulk modulus increases, the compressibility of the material decreases. Gases have a high compressibility factor and a low bulk modulus value for example. This video contains 1 practice problem on bulk modulus and fluid mechanics with all of the equations and formulas needed to solve it.

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