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Back to School Calculus 1 Review, Limits, Derivatives, Continuity & Integration, Basic Introduction

This back to school calculus 1 review video tutorial provides a basic introduction into 3 core concepts taught in a typical AP calculus ab course or a first semester of college calculus. This video covers limits, continuity, derivatives and integration.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Basic Introduction Into Limits
2. Evaluating Limits Using Direct Substitution
3. Limits – Factoring, Complex Fractions & Radicals / Square Roots
4. Multiplying By The Common Denominator & The Conjugate
5. Evaluating Limits Graphically
6. One Sided Limits
7. Limits and Continuity
8. Points of Discontinuity – Holes, Jump & Infinite Discontinuity
9. Removable vs Nonremovable Discontinuities
10. 3 Step Continuity Test
11. Limits, Continuity & Piecewise Functions
12. Definition of the Derivative Formula
13. Derivatives and Limits Examples & Concepts
14. Alternative Definition of the Derivative Formula
15. Derivatives – Power Rule – Monomials, Constants & Polynomial Functions
16. Antiderivatives & Integration
17. Definite Integral vs Indefinite Integral
18. Average Rate of Change vs Instantaneous Rate of Change
19. Slope of the Secant line vs Slope of the Tangent Line
20. Position, Velocity, and Acceleration
21. Distance vs Displacement
22. Speed vs Velocity – Scalar and Vector Quantities
23. Speeding Up vs Slowing Down Scenarios
24. Graphing Parent Functions – Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Radical, Logarithmic, Sinusoidal & Exponential Functions
25. Slope and Area of a Velocity Time Graph
26. Slope of a Position Time Graph – Dimensional Analysis
27. Area of a Acceleration Time Graph

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