Arkansas Trolley…First Pawn Stars in Arkansas

I rode the full length of the Trolley in Central Arkansas. It takes about 40 minutes and it is educational! The driver gives a good historical lesson about the area. It was free the day I rode it, but It either cost $1 to $2 to ride. For an extra $1, you can get a pass to get on as often as you would like. The Trollies makes loop from about the Clinton Library in Little Rock… over the Arkansas River… to Argenta which is in North Little Rock. The original Pawn Star was in North Little Rock. That Pawn Shop turned down the opportunity to be a reality show. I think 3 episodes was recorded there, but do not hold me to that. This Trolley cost over 1 million dollars. Not only are Trollies Historical, numerous people ride them for transportation. The Christmas Polar Express is an awesome experience! The ride is very children friendly. Kes has ridden with me numerous times with her Service Dog Certificate.

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