Algebra – Word problems (Mixture and Rate)


The problems I will cover:

0:35 – A cashier has 20 bills, all of which are $10 and $20 bills. The total value of money is $220. How many of each type does the cashier have?

4:40 – Riley flew her ultra-light plane to a nearby town against a head wind of 15 km/hr in 2 hr 20 min. the return trip under the same wind conditions took 1 hr 24 min. Find the plane’s airspeed and the distance to the nearby town.

9:32 – A car radiator is filled with 10 L of 40% antifreeze solution. How many liters must be taken out and replaced by an 80% antifreeze solution to leave the radiator with 10L of 60% antifreeze solution?

12:22 – Solution A is 50% hydrochloric acid, while solution B is 75% hydrochloric acid. How many liters of each solution should be used to make 100 liters of a solution which is 60% hydrochloric acid?

15:23 – Miriem can paddle her canoe 15 miles downstream in 2hrs. It takes her 3 hours to come back upstream. What is the rate of the current?

✿If you need help with any problem just let me know!✿


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