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Algebra Practice : Linear Equations Word Problem | GMAT 600 Level sample question

GMAT Preparation Online | Algebra Word Problem | Linear Equations | Problem Solving Practice

A GMAT 600 level Algebra word problem.

A poultry farm has only chickens and pigs. When the heads of the stock were counted, the number totaled up to 200. However, when the number of legs was counted, the number totaled up to 540. How many more chickens were there in the farm? Note: In the farm, each pig had 4 legs and each chicken had 2 legs.
A. 70
B. 120
C. 60
D. 130
E. 80

Step 1: Assign variables and frame equations using the information given in the question stem.
Step 2: Solve the equations to find the value of the unknowns.
Step 3: Use the values thus obtained to find the answer.

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