Algebra-Operations with radical expressions

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Video gives step by step directions for solving “Operations with Radicals”
The operations covered in this video includes adding radicals,subtracting radicals,dividing, and multiplying radicals.
Video Guide
0:19 This problem involves adding and subtracting radical expressions. Remember,you can only add like radicands
6 x cube root of 3 -cube root of 3 +4x square root of 3
1:03 This problem involves multiplying radicals with like terms
6 x square root 7 x -1/2 x square root 7
Remember to multiply outside times outside coefficients and inside times inside coefficients
1:49 This problem involves dividing radicals
Solve:Square root 3/square root 15
Remember you can’t have a radical on the bottom of the fraction so you have to rationalize
3:05 Involves subtracting radicals

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