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ACCUPLACER Review Problem 5 – Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics

The Next-Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics placement test is a computer adaptive assessment of test-takers’ ability for selected mathematics content. Questions will focus on a range of topics including computing with rational numbers, applying ratios and proportional reasoning, creating linear expressions and equations, graphing and applying linear equations, understanding probability and set notation, and interpreting graphical displays. In addition, questions may assess a student’s math ability via computational or uency skills, conceptual understanding, or the capacity to apply mathematics presented in a context. All questions are multiple choice in format and appear discretely (stand alone) across the assessment. The following knowledge and skill categories are assessed:

ƒ Rational numbers
ƒ Ratio and proportional relationships ƒ
ƒ Algebraic expressions
ƒ Linear equations
ƒ Linear applications
ƒ Probability and sets
ƒ Descriptive statistics
ƒ Geometry concepts

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