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19/42 Secret History: Leibniz the Optimist and Alchemy (vs. Isaac Newton’s science, Voltaire) for more info. In this part, I reveal parts of history relating to Voltaire and Isaac Newton’s opposition to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

I also get into the real story of the enlightenment and the dawn of the modern age. It may not be what you expected. This is my darkest video to date and it is not recommended for children because of the intensity and darkness of the content.

The subject of this video is not mysticism and spirituality versus science. This was not the war that raged in western civilization in the period covered in this video. The real war was between two very different kinds of spirituality as personified in Leibniz and Newton. Voltaire acts as a popularizer of Newton.

Also, we study the Enlightenment. There are two enlightenments at work according to the thesis presented. One is the more familiar one and the other much less familiar…

Link to Professor Evans of Stanford’s lecture on Voltaire’s Candide:

For more on Voltaire’s attack on metaphysics check out …a quote from that page: “Voltaire should be seen as the initiator of a philosophical tradition that runs from him to Auguste Comte and Charles Darwin, and then on to Karl Popper and Richard Dawkins in the twentieth century.”

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