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15 Surprising Facts About Albert Einstein They Don’t Teach You In School

15 Albert Einstein Facts! You’ve definitely heard his name or quotes of him, but you probably don’t know everything like his inventions, awards and even his IQ! This German-born genius was revered for his contributions to theoretical physics — so much so that he received a Nobel Prize in Physics back in 1921. But besides hearing his name associated with E=mc^2, what else do you know about Einstein? Don’t worry if your answer is, “Not much.” We’ve combed through all of the information out there to bring you 15 Surprising Facts About Albert Einstein That They Don’t Teach You in School.

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Back to Einstein, did you know that while many people falsely believe that he was terrible at math as a kid, it was actually one of the subjects that he excelled in the most? He even mastered complex mathematical concepts that were way beyond his years when he was just a teenager! Einstein did fail the entrance exam to get into the Federal Polytechnic School when he was sixteen years old, however, but he didn’t fail the math or physics portions. He was just ill-prepared for the more creative portions of the test, which he ultimately passed after taking the test a second time. Did you also know that while Einstein had an esteemed career in academia, he actually had a pretty awful family life? You’ll have to watch the video to hear more about what happened to his daughter and son, but he proved time and time again that he was not a great husband. Besides having affairs throughout both of his marriages, he also gave his first wife a list of conditions that she had to follow if she wanted to make their deteriorating marriage work. From the dark secrets of his personal life to the life-changing gift he received and more, you’ll be an Albert Einstein expert once we’re through with you!

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