1 2 simplifying algebraic exressions algebra 2

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Good day students welcome to mathgotserved.com in this clip were going to be going over how to simplify algebraic expressions okay so let’s go ahead and write down the instructions for the examples that we going to be simplify and instructions are for us to simplify each expression okay so the first expression the going to be simplify and is negative six multiplied by negative five and minus for minus n plus five now if you take a look at this expression the question is what do we combine first this is very similar to order of operations please excuse my again Sally okay Jacob focus and simplify the parenthesis of much of a First then I’ll multiply and divide in order from left to write and then you finish by adding or subtracting okay so remember the operating the excuse my dear and Valley okay so parenthesis comes first and then exponent multiply divide out the same hierarchy but you go from left to write the same with addition and subtraction so if you look in the parenthesis is can we simplify the expression in the parenthesis the answer is no because these are unlike terms you notice this is negative pie and then this is negative for this is a variable this is a constant the same applies to this quantity right here the are unlike terms and secant of the simplify this is a variable this is a constant another way we can distinguish these two terms in the parenthesis is using the okay this is the first degree variable in terms of and ended to be zero we variable so is your degrees the difference the all I terms you cannot combine them okay here we have the degree of the variable in here is one in the degree of the variable here is zero so these are unlike terms also so now that we cannot apply simplification of the parenthesis soon that apprentices are to simplify into on to eat then exponent here so graph that out now multiplication and division notice we have multiplication here we also have multiplication here to now let’s take a look at the first multiplication now what you going to do is distribute negative six to the terms in the parenthesis okay negative six goes the first term is six goes to the second now when you multiply and remember that the site goes with the sign the number goes with the number and the variables with the variable okay so in this case you have minus times minus is plus remember anytime you multiplying signs that are the same you always have lots okay so – one… Plus X times five is thirty and then there the imagine there is the answer the zeros here so and to the zero times into the first you have the powers you end up with an to the first power okay now let’s multiply negative six times negative four minus times minus is a plus remember anytime you multiplying signs that identical you always have a plus six times four is twenty-four now we’re going to be distributing here also but you might wonder there is an and number in front of this parenthesis so what are we going to be distributing what we distributing here is one okay to do not have any number replace equals one there okay because one is a multiplicative identity so what were going to do is distribute negative one to these two terms in the parenthesis now if we do that will have negative one times and is negative and negative one times positive five now to find the difference which gives us negative one times five is five not will proceed to come I like terms times with the same degree we have and and into the first degrees us on the line that in a and we combine now we’re going to be at in or subtracting the coefficients and have no number in front so the default coefficient is one okay so what is thirty minus one thirty minus one is twenty-nine twenty-nine and twenty-four and negative five will combine these two of the twenty-four minus five is positive nineteen okay plus my is the first number the first term in an expression is positive you do not have to put any sign there okay so our final result is twenty-nine n plus nineteen for right let’s take a look at another example problem number two we going to be simplify and algebraic expressions involving fractions okay for number two we have negative three over to X plus five over three times X minus four over three okay now we’re going to be applying the order of operations here again remember please excuse my dear aunt Sally we have parenthesis we have multiplication and we have addition which do we do first one to the parenthesis first now if we went insight is parenthesis you notice that we have X minus four thirds these are unlike the terms can be cannot be combined so the parenthesis is already the of taking care of now have the choice of either adding a multiply which do we do first for the order of operations we must multiply before


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