08. Linear Algebra I Determinants I Properties of Determinants in urdu/hindi I Zahid Khan

In this video you will find,The define and explained determinants, order of determinants, properties of determinants along with examples in urdu / hindi..

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What is linear algebra ? So a very simple and short answer is … Linear algebra is the study of vectors and linear functions. There are two fundamental problems first Ax=b and second Ax=lambda x. In first one we have to find the solutions of x if A has independent columns. And in the second one we looks for independent Eigenvectors. We will also discuss the Row and Column Picture of the system of Linear equations.

Course Outlines:
An Introduction to Linear equations, System of Linear equations, Solution of system of Linear systems, Types of solutions (unique solution, Infinite many solutions, No solution), Geometrical Picture and view of the Solutions of system of Linear equations, Consistent and inconsistent systems of Linear equations, Matrices & Determinants, Co factor and Inverse, Rank, Linear Independence, Positive Definite matrix, Linear Transformations, Operations on matrices, Inner products, orthogonality and least squares, Vectors, Vector Spaces, Eigenvalue & Eigenvectors. Geometrical picture of Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues. Applications to Systems of Equations and to Geometry, Singular Value Decomposition.

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