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◆Divergence and Curl of a Vector | Vector Calculus | May, 2018

In this video you will understand about
What is a Divergence and curl of a vector point function.
We explain it by examples which will help you to understand the concept.

Divergence and curl of a vector :

Directional Derivative and greatest rate of increase :

Gradient of a scalar point function :

Point function :

Vector differentiation part 3 :

Vector differentiation part 2:

Vector differentiation part-1:

Functions of complex variable :

Analytic function and C-R Equations :


Fore Updates

Cube Roots of Unity :

De-Moivr’s Theorem :

De-Moivre’s Theorem Questions :

Complex number part 1:

Complex Number part 2 :

Square root of complex number :

Argument of complex number :

Questions on complex number :

Differential Equations of Order One and Degree more than one :

Linear differential Equations with constant coefficients :

Even and Odd Permutations :

Disjoint cycles:

Multiplication of Cycles :

Transposition :

Cyclic Permutation :

Inverse of Permutation :

Product of two permutations :

Identity permutation :

Permutation group:

Quotient group :

Lagrange’s theorem :

Normal Subgroup :

Cosets :

Cyclic group :

Subgroup :

Group :

Binary operation on a set :

Congruence modulo m :

Order of an element of a group :

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Real Numbers (bounded and Unbounded Sets) :

Open sets :

Real Sequences :

Limit of a sequence:

Complementary functions:

Particular integral part 1:

Particular integral part 2 :

Perticular integral part 3 :

Particular integral part 4:

Homogeneous Equations with constant coefficients:

Gamma function:

Area under the curve :


Maxima and Minima:

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