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Coding Humans Series

A physicist with a drinking problem finds himself trapped in a high-rise condominium after a time experiment goes wrong.

Dr. Quasars Nightmare

“The human body is nothing more than a prison for the punished soul.”

Jonathan David is an American author of fiction. He writes various genres, which include horror, thriller, science fiction, and more. The first half of his adult life was spent studying mathematics and physics. In his career, he created over 3,000 educational videos for college students and a series of reference books. It wasn’t until his mid-’30s when he realized his passion and talent for writing.

Jonathan’s life has been anything but ordinary. His background gives him a rare block of information to draw from when writing. If you are looking for a unique and original fiction novel, Jonathan David’s Novels will warp your brain. From mind bending stories to visually intense and thought-provoking literature, his books are sure to entertain and fulfill a space in your life.

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