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Thank you for considering me as you tutor. I have over 7-years of experience providing top-of-the-line service for hundreds of students taking college level mathematics, and physics.

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics with an emphasis of pure math, and am currently in graduate school for mathematics. I love to explain complex information, and am able to do this in a simple fashion that students respond to very quickly.

Generally, students that follow my instructions outside of sessions, get an A in the course i.e. my help reduces study time significantly and maximizes understanding efficiently but if the student does not still do some work outside of sessions, they tend to not do as well on exams.

I prefer students to not just solve a bunch of problems but to take biweekly exams that I assign based on what I feel will be assigned on exams.

Students always say “I am just not good at taking exams,” but how often do they actually take exams? I.e. in order to get good at something one must practice that something so I base my tutoring off of this concept.

“The most important grades come from exams, so that is what the student should be practicing more than anything!”

Thanks again for checking out my profile. I look forward to making your semester a breeze!


1-hour session $100.00

2-hour session $150.00

2-hours/week for semester $1920.00

(Bulk option includes free sessions during exam weeks, assistance outside of sessions via text, no charge for no shows or if we go over 2-hours. I am also more flexible with schedule alterations.)

Please note: I am very busy, and only accept a few students each semester. I prefer for students to opt-in to the bulk option so that I may secure my own schedule, and make myself 100% available and dedicated to the student.


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